Sixth PCVF Vogler Family Reunion A Very Special Reunion – Thank You!

Our Sixth PCVF Family Reunion was held in Winston Salem, NC at the Children’s Center on July 19, 2008. Our thanks to the Children’s Center Executive Director, Mike Britt, for donating the use of the facility, and to teacher, Cindy Smith (and our PCVF President) for all her contributions. This was a great place to […]

Deaths of Two Former Members of the PCVF Board of Directors: Willian E. “Sparky” Vogler and Charles Vogler Paul

[message from BOD members John and Betty Houston, 20 March 2007] Dear Members of the PCVF Board of Directors, This past week has been difficult for the Vogler family and our PCVF Board of Directors. Sadly, two former members of our Board passed away recently. First, William E. “Sparky” Vogler of Mt. Airy, age 82, […]

PCV Foundation Newsletter now available via Email!

[from PCVF Newsletter, November 2006] Want to receive your newsletter by email? Now you can sign up to receive your PCV Foundation newsletter by email. Membership dues still remain $10(US) per year per family. Get on board with the next generation newsletter by contacting Debbie Pendleton. What a great way to keep in touch fast!

Note From 2004-2006 PCVF President, Jerry B. Vogler, Jr.

[from PCVF Newsletter, September 2004] Dear Family and Friends, This past Spring I had the distinct privilege, honor, and responsibility to take over the helm of this organization as the new President. Since that position follows a long line of family members that I know now and indeed knew before some had passed on to […]

Descendants of PCV’s Aunt now living in Berlin, Germany

[05 December 2003] by Frederick W. Vogler Once again, it is our pleasure to report that contact has been made with German relatives of ours, these being direct descendants of ancestors who never left Germany to emigrate to North America, unlike Philipp Christoph Vogler and his father Hans Georg Vogler. Thanks to having unexpectedly come […]

5th Vogler Family Reunion a Great Success!

A Big Thank You to those of you who could come to our Fifth PCVF, INC. Family Reunion Festivities! To those of you who could not come, we missed you and hope you can make it in 2008! It is good to gather and renew acquaintances with cousins that we know and meet new cousins […]

Two New PCVF Board Members

We are pleased to announce two recent additions to the PCVF Board of Directors including Mrs. Marian Couch and Ms. Amy Newsome, both residents of Winston-Salem, NC. Marian and Amy were elected to the BOD in May 2003. We are very pleased to have them on board!

Major Surprise In Store for July 2003 Reunion Attendees! (Part 1)

[18 November 2002] by Frederick W. Vogler This past June, our Foundation had the good fortune to receive an entirely unexpected message from Heather Crain, a young Vogler cousin of ours now living and studying in Florida, having been urged by her aunt Gwenda Williams (also a Vogler cousin) to take the initiative in getting […]

Major Surprise In Store for July 2003 Reunion Attendees! (Part 2)

[27 May 2003] by Frederick W. Vogler In her introductory message to our Foundation last June, our young cousin Heather Crain informed us that for the past two centuries a miniature painting enclosed in a locket had been passed down from generation to generation in her family as a treasured heirloom. In recent years, it […]