Last Chance for Second Printing of “Descendants of Philip Christoph Vogler”

[Update on PCVF Book Reprint Cost, July 2011]

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the PCV Foundation, the total per book reprint cost has increased from the previous $80.00 estimate to approximately $125.00. This is an estimate and the final per book cost may change. Thank you and stay tuned. We’re almost there with the reprint!

[from PCVF Newsletter, November 2006]

It is your last chance to express your interest in a second printing of the “Descendants of Philipp Christoph Vogler”, Books I & II, Charles M. Vogler (editor). If there is not enough interest in the second printing of the book, the Board will NOT undertake this project. We need at least 300 positive responses.

Prepaid price for the book is approximately $80.00 Plus shipping and handling. The price is an estimate which will be determined by publishing and shipping costs at the time a second order is placed by PCVF. The second printing will be a hardback and as close a copy of the 1st edition as possible.

If you are interested in a second printing, please send a note via regular mail OR email to Steve Smith indicating the number of books you would be interested in purchasing and include your name, address and email.

PCV Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Steve Smith
7049 Avenbury Circle
Kernersville, NC 27284
OR email Steve