Note From 2004-2006 PCVF President, Jerry B. Vogler, Jr.

[from PCVF Newsletter, September 2004]

Dear Family and Friends,

This past Spring I had the distinct privilege, honor, and responsibility to take over the helm of this organization as the new President. Since that position follows a long line of family members that I know now and indeed knew before some had passed on to their reward I stepped into this position with a great degree of knowledge that I had some large shoes to fill; but I am confident in this new position and I deeply appreciate everyone who support me and supported my nomination.

Many of you already know me for the artwork that I have done as the PCVF Artist but for those who do not I will offer some background information for you. I have supported this organization as a volunteer since the late 80’s basically dating back to just before the first big Family Reunion that we held in Winston-Salem at the then Benton Convention Center. In 1992, I joined the Board of Directors and since 1998 I have been an Officer of our organization.

As to personal background, I was born and grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My ancestral line traces back to Philip Christoph Vogler through Samuel Vogler. Although my family still lives in Winston-Salem I currently live in Kennesaw, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta, where I work). Other than a brief residency in Rockwall, Texas (in 2000 and 2001) I have lived in Cobb County, Georgia since 1990. My background is in Architecture and the commercial construction trade. I currently work for a major contract construction firm in Atlanta.

Looking to the future of our organization I hope to theme the next few years on a rediscovery of our New World heritage from Friedland to the coast of North Carolina back to Maine and Nova Scotia. We have a few new projects in the works and with the theme in mind we have proposed a new trip next year to the places that our ancestors first visited upon their arrival in the New World to start their new lives. Please read the article and itinerary herein which describes our idea for an exciting trip to Maine and Nova Scotia. We hope to make this trip enlightening, educational, and yes, fun! Please consider joining us on this Voyage of Rediscovery, we would love to have you along.

I look forward to meeting each of you and will endeavor to lead this organization in a manner consistent with the high standards set by our past presidents. Of course with the able assistance of the Officers and indeed the guidance of our fine Board Members the next few years will be as successful as the past has been.

Thank you and God Bless our Family and America.

Very Truly Yours,

Jerry B. Vogler, Jr.
President, PCVF, Inc.