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We are an educational organization that promotes the use of online resources and tools, computer technologies and software for family genealogical research. We encourage everyone to delve into and document your family genealogy. We also seek to identify descendants of our common ancestor, Philip Christoph Vogler, document our heritage for current descendants and future generations, and in doing so, pay homage to our past and connect with extended family.

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Current Officers:

President (2016-2018): Steve Smith
President Emeritus: Dr. Frederick W. Vogler (1931 - 2013)
Vice President: Emily Pendleton
Treasurer: Cindy Vogler Smith
Assistant Treasurer: Steve Smith
Secretary: Sonja Houston
Assistant Secretary: Patricia Jones
Archivist: Steve Smith
Newsletter Editor: Debra Vogler Pendleton
Assistant Editor: William G. Pendleton, III
Executive Committee Chair: John B. Houston IV
Genealogical Research Chair: Jerry B. Vogler, Jr.
Archival Fund Chair: William G. Pendleton III
Meeting Host/Chair: Debra Vogler Pendleton
Cemetery Chair: Jerry B. Vogler, Sr.
Media Chair: John B. Vogler


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Past Presidents:

Charles M. Vogler (1986-1988)
Col. James B. Vogler Jr. (ret.) (1988-1990)
Benjamin B. Fogler (1990-1992)
Sarah E. Leak, PhD. (1992-1994)
Frederick W. Vogler, PhD. (1994-1996)
Betty Vogler Houston (1996-2000)
Rachel A. Vogler (2000-2002)
John B. Houston III (2002-2004)
Jerry B. Vogler, Jr. (2004-2006)
John B. Houston IV (2006-2008)
Cindy Vogler Smith (2008-2010)
William G. Pendleton III (2010-2012)
John B. Vogler (2012-2016)