Deaths of Two Former Members of the PCVF Board of Directors: Willian E. “Sparky” Vogler and Charles Vogler Paul

[message from BOD members John and Betty Houston, 20 March 2007]

Dear Members of the PCVF Board of Directors,

This past week has been difficult for the Vogler family and our PCVF Board of Directors. Sadly, two former members of our Board passed away recently.

First, William E. “Sparky” Vogler of Mt. Airy, age 82, passed away on March 17 after an extended illness. His funeral was held in Mt. Airy on March 19 at Moody Funeral Service in Mt. Airy. If you wish, you may view his obituary by visiting their website at (Note: Moody Funeral Services website allows you to search the obituary archives using names; do a search for Vogler to find the obituary).

“Sparky” is survived by his wife, Effie, son Jay W., wife Gray and their family, daughter, Nancy Bateman, her husband, Charles and their family. He was the brother of PCVF founder, Charles M. Vogler, brother in law of Rachel Vogler, Uncle of Cindy Smith and Debbie Pendleton, sister of Betty Houston and uncle of J. B. Houston. He and Effie were members of our Board for several years. “Sparky” was our “official” Videographer at special events. He and Effie joined our first Swiss trip and “Sparky” helped make it a memorable one by taping it and then combining everyone’s videos into a single “Vogler SwissTrip Travelog”.

Secondly, Charles Vogler Paul, age 46, of Salisbury, passed away unexpectedly on March 16 at his home. His funeral will be held on Wednesday, March 21 at the First Presbyterian Church, 308 W. Fisher St., Salisbury, NC at 1:00 PM. Interment will be in Mt. Airy at 4:00 PM at the Oakdale Cemetery, after a graveside service. Charles is survived by his wife, Kay, son William and daughter, Katherine. He was the son of another former BOD member, Patsy Vogler Paul, a nephew of Betty and John Houston, Rachel and Charles M. Vogler, first cousin of J. B. Houston, Cindy Smith, and Debbie Pendleton. Charles served the PCVF BOD as secretary for a time and had kept in touch with several members with a continued interest in Foundation activities. If you wish, you may also view Charles’ obituary at the Moody Funeral Service website listed above.

A memorial will be sent by the Treasurer of our BOD to the Charles M. Vogler Archival Fund in honor of these former Members of our Foundation Board of Directors. Our family will also send a memorial to the Archival Fund in honor of each of these former BOD members.

We are certain each of you will join us in remembering these two families in your thoughts and prayers as they face the difficult days ahead.


John and Betty Houston