Sixth PCVF Vogler Family Reunion A Very Special Reunion – Thank You!

Our Sixth PCVF Family Reunion was held in Winston Salem, NC at the Children’s Center on July 19, 2008. Our thanks to the Children’s Center Executive Director, Mike Britt, for donating the use of the facility, and to teacher, Cindy Smith (and our PCVF President) for all her contributions. This was a great place to have our Reunion!

We want to thank Old Salem Vice President of Education Paula Locklear for generously donating a replica of a John Vogler silver spoon and a set of Old Salem mugs to our Silent Auction and to Joyce Knabb, director of Group and Tour Sales for providing discount tickets to John Vogler House and Timothy Vogler Gunsmith Shop. Thanks, also to Joyce, who was one of our main dinner speakers.

This year was very special as we had five family volunteers, not only dressed in 1700 attire portraying our early ancestors, but also prepared to answer any questions about their lives. Many Thanks to Steve Smith as Philipp Christoph and his wife, Cindy Smith as Anna Catherina; Chris Paul as Christoph and his wife, Robin Paul as Anna Johnna and Jerry Vogler, Jr. as Samuel. Attending were 52 descendants from Christoph, 32 from Samuel, and 6 from George Michael, making a total of 90 descendants attending our Reunion.

Also, we promoted our ship Lydia that brought Philipp Christoph and his father, Han Georg Vogler to America with table decorations of Lydia lanterns, place cards, and programs. An art drawing contest of our ship Lydia for our children was hosted by Kids’ Korner Leader, Sonja Houston. Our Judge, PCVF Artist, Jerry Vogler Jr., announced the winners as: Hannah Compton (age 10-13 Catagory), Aila Sullivan (Age 7-9) and All Age Runner-up, Lily Sullivan. ( Prizes were gold dollars donated by Betty Houston.) Other participants were Brooke Vogler, Mark Vogler, Jr, and Lisette Gallaher.

Our Silent Auction, held by Debbie and Bill Pendleton was a huge success: $732 to help fund our Foundation corporate expenses. Thanks to all who donated items: Old Salem, PCVF Inc., Patty & Jerry Vogler, Sr., Peggy Sutphin, Sonja & JB Houston, IV, Cindy Smith, Stephanie Smith, Debbie Pendleton, and Betty & John Houston, III. And to all who won the bids: Jay Vogler, Gray Vogler, Jerry Vogler, Jr., Ross Zachary, Nancy Bateman, Eva Vogler, Cindy Smith, and Bill & Debbie Pendleton.

Our Table Top Displays and other areas were very well done thanks to the following:
Vogler Collectibles: Ross Zachary, Money Collector; Mary Frances Zachary; Dr. Sarah Leak; Pat Jones; Cokie Jones
Vogler Vendors: Jerry Vogler, Jr.; Peggy Sutphin; J.B. Houston,IV; Deb Pendleton; Betty Houston
Christoph Table: Chris & Robin Paul
Samuel Table: Jerry Vogler, Jr.
Swiss Corner: Patty & Jerry Vogler, Sr.
Vogler European History and Research Helper since 1980: Dr. Frederick W. Vogler
Hostess/Host: Nancy & Charles Bateman, Amy Newsome
Kids Korner: Children’s Art contest: Sonja Houston Judge: Jerry Vogler, Jr.

And Thanks to our “behind the scenes” people for helping make our Reunion a great success:
Videographer: John Houston, III
Photography: Amy Newsome, Sonja Houston, Peggy Sutphin, John Houston, Stephanie Smith
Reunion Posters: Betty Houston, Stephanie Smith, Katie Smith
Table Decorations: Debbie Pendleton, Cindy Smith, Betty Houston
Old Fashioned Game for Art Contest Kids: Made/Donated by Steve Smith
Lemonade, Tea, Cookies, Table Cloths, Cups, Dessert Plates, Forks: PCVF via Cindy Smith
Dinner Plates & Napkins: Cindy & Steve Smith
Coffee, Filters, Sugar: Debbie & Bill Pendleton
Coffee Cups: Panera Bread Company via Cindy Smith
Set up Dinner Tables & Clean Up: PCVF BOD Members
Reunion Packets including Meal tickets, Name Badges, Place Cards, and Programs: Sonja & J.B. Houston, IV, Betty & John Houston, I

Our Dinner Program was very informative and entertaining with special thanks to all program participants, including Dr. Frederick W. Vogler, our European Family Historian and our talented musicians with a special introduction of our PCVF Theme Song, Edelweiss, directed by John F. Vogler. (Please see all names for credit on our Dinner Program link directly below.)

Betty Vogler Houston, 2008 Reunion Chairperson, and John Houston III, Assistant

Get the PCVF 2008 Reunion Program (PDF document)